Smash Repairs Melbourne

With the advent of new types of technology in literally every single field out there, it is not really surprising to see how many car repair technologies have come up in a big way. On that note, at Glossworks, our experts have been testing the efficiency of that very technology to amazing results. This is great news for everyone concerned as not only does this lead to improved repairs, but things get done at a faster, more efficient and smoother pace overall. It could be a top-of-the-line welder or paint system, but ultimately we will ensure that your car gets back on the road as safely and quickly as possible. Regardless of the size and extent of the job to be done, time and again, our hardworking technicians and smash repair experts have always proven themselves in the field and all of our clients have come back repeatedly for that reason alone. Not to mention, the lifetime guarantee of our repair work is what our clients love about us.

For some people, the job is just a matter of a few dents and scratches, but in the case of a major collision or car accident, extensive and costly car repairs are the only way out for most people. It is as simple as that, whether you are dealing with smash repairs in Melbourne or smash repairs anywhere else, our panel beaters can offer high-quality repair service every time you contact us. .The aspect of customer service is at the very heart of our ethos as a company and we will make sure that you are briefed and given all the possible information about whichever kind of repairs are necessary before we start our work on your vehicle. For all those of you who are still wondering, we are just a phone call away from putting all your problems to rest.

What Makes Glossworks The Best Smash Repairs in Melbourne?

Even though your insurance company has their recommended smash repair company, here is a list of reasons why we should be used for Accident Repair Melbourne.

One-stop-shop for all your car needs — be it detailing, bodyworks, smash repairs, spray painting or more Highly qualified team of panel beaters who can tackle all kinds of car accident repairs for cars of all makes and models

  • Lifetime warranty on all work
  • Free hire car for all not-at-fault claims
  • Excess reduction
  • For all, not-at-fault claims, our recovery/lawyer team will make sure all damages are recovered from the third party & ensure that your no claim policy is affected
  • State of the art equipment & highly trained technicians repairing your vehicle to factory OEM standards


For a no-obligation quote, any questions or bookings please text or call us anytime on 0484233535

Why Choose Us For Smash Repairs Work in Melbourne?

Most similar services out there neglect the aspect of upgrading their equipment from time to time due to the fact that technology is moving at such a fast pace. From going an upgrade every few years, these days, it is not surprising to see most services doing a yearly upgrade and sticking with it for a considerable period of time. For most eager customers out there, we make sure that a yearly upgrade is implemented at smash repairs in Melbourne, whatever the cost and situation may be at the time.

Apart from technological upgrades, what really sets us apart is that our place of work is as modern and state-of-the-art as it gets. All the latest repair technologies are not only used on a daily basis, but there are various research analysts and experts that work on ways to make the overall use of these technologies a lot smoother and easier in the realm of everyday work. To know more, get in touch with panel beaters Melbourne today.

  • Unlike the recommended repairer your insurance company will try to convince you to go to, we are focused on quality results, not quantity. So it is important that your panel beater understands how to repair your vehicle back to original manufacturing standards. At Glossworks, your assigned panel beater is fully qualified & an expert in his field.
  • We offer a guarantee on our workmanship.
  • We have been in the industry a very long time & understand that the cost is important to you, for private work our quotes & prices are very competitive especially for the quality of work we produce! Meaning you will have peace of mind when leaving your vehicle with us!
  • We manage all third party recoveries! So when the accident isn’t your fault, we have a team of Legal Experts who will take care of the matter and do all the hard work for you, meaning you don’t have to chase anything up, resolving the matter hassle-free!


For a no-obligation quote, any questions or bookings please text or call us anytime on: 0484233535.

We Provide the Following Smash Repairs Services:


Have you been meaning to restore for a while?

Concours (nut and bolt restoration) or not

Ask us about our rates and what service we can offer you!

Custom Paint Work

We offer a range of custom paintwork from closed-door resprays to full-colour changes

We style your vehicle to stand out from the crowd!

Call us today to see what we can do to transform your vehicle!

Candy Finish by DNA

Candy Paint is not something that can be performed by you’re average refinisher, here at Glossworks we are recommended refinishers for DNA Custom Paints
Come see the range of colours!

We also assist in various other paintworks that may not be listed above.

For a no-obligation quote, any questions or bookings please text or call us anytime on mobile 0484233535 or landline 1300 145 677

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