Brake Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne

Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne is the best way to transform the look of your ride by getting your calipers refinished. Its a great way to add some finishing touches to your vehicle, so why not get your calipers repainted. We repaint all the calipers on our vehicles as it gives it a much better & nicer look, clean, neat, new & fresh. Plus you can paint them to suit your personal touch, or to match your favorite color or just something to suit your personal preference.

High end vehicles have calipers that stand out, & we can replicate them no worries.

The Reason You Choose Glossworks For Caliper Refinishing

We have seen a lot of jobs come to us for rectification and we thought we would let our customers understand the process before choosing the right service

Unlike many other Caliper painting services advertised we remove and refit brake fittings, we remove brake pads so they don’t get painted over. The calipers are then fully prepped and sealed off before we begin the paint process.

Our paint system allows us to mix thousands of different colours, we use 2 pack automotive paint to refinish them which gives you the best finish.

This finish is not from a spray can, it is very durable and comes with a two year guarantee. You will find the quality of our workmanship goes beyond just painting the caliper.

Some Examples Of Our Work

We have a paint system which allows us to mix absolutely any colour that suits you & your vehicle.

All stickers are available for purchase.

The Way We Do:

  • Prepare the Calipers
  • Basecoat the calipers
  • Apply the sticker
  • Clear coat it
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