Car Ceramic Coating Melbourne

Are you looking for a way to make your car’s surface long-lasting and keep the beautiful gloss on it forever? Then Car Ceramic coating might just be the thing for you. At Glossworks, we take pride in ourselves for being one of the best places for cars to get their ceramic coating done in Melbourne. 

If you thought that Glossworks only deals with accident smash repairs then it can be called a clear underestimation. We, at Glossworks, are a one-stop solution for all your automotive needs. From regular maintenance to repairings, restorations to even ceramic coatings, we deal with it all so that you don’t have to take the extra stress of going to different places for your car’s different needs.

Ceramic coating is a tricky business and tends to go haywire if not done well, but our team of certified ceramic coating applicators understand the process so well that nothing can ever go wrong.

Our advanced methods of paint protection blended with the latest microtechnology for ceramic car coating gives your car the smoothest and glossiest finishing that lasts forever, thus, making us the best place to get car ceramic coating in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Ceramic Car Coating Specialist

Applying ceramic car coating can be a little tricky as it requires the applicator to know exactly what they are doing. Thus, it is fine if you are sceptical or concerned about getting your car ceramic coating. 

But it is important to know that these paint protection coatings are pretty important to get your car some good old scratch resistance and retain its shine so that it stays new forever. Paint protection through ceramic coating can be a real game-changer for you in Melbourne when done properly by trained and certified professionals. Fortunately, at Glossworks, we are Melbourne’s most trusted ceramic car coating service providers with a team of ceramic coating experts who know the process inside out.

Our team at Glossworks consists of the most trusted applicators who are certified to apply ceramic coating and paint protection film on vehicles. Prior experience in handling ceramic coating and paint protection work while having extensive updated knowledge about the latest paint protection technology makes us the best choice for your car’s paint protection needs in Melbourne.

How Ceramic Coating Works

To understand how ceramic coating works, first, we need to know what exactly is ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer coating that sticks to your car’s paint, making up a protective layer on your car, making it resistant to the external factors that are an obstacle for the retention of the glossiness of the vehicle. The coating even makes your vehicles scratch resistance.

Ceramic car coatings make it easier to clean your car as it builds an ultra hydrophobic coating on the car that resists water and dirt and doesn’t let these external factors stay on the surface. 

The standard practice of coating your car is something that needs a lot of practice and an eye for detail. The applicator has to apply a polymer solution manually i.e. by hand. This part of the application can be a bit tricky as the solution is pretty sticky and needs to be applied in a very thin paint protection film. If the applied layer is too thick, the car paint can get ruined and the reversal of the whole process can cost you a fortune.

However, a nicely done ceramic coating that is usually done by trained and certified professionals with thorough knowledge, experience and practice can be a great way to ensure a lifetime of beautification of your car. 

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

A well done ceramic car coating has a lot of benefits. But it needs patience and experience. The tricky part of the application process is that the protective coating that is made from a polymer solution needs to be applied manually, by hand. The protective layer has to be very thin and smooth for the car to look great while being resistant to external stimuli like water, dirt and scratches etc.

Thus, if a coating has been applied well, the benefits that your car can get are;

Protection against UV rays: The harmful UV rays from the sun are one of the biggest factors that deteriorate the quality of your car surface, slowly eating away your cars glossy finish so that the car ends up looking pretty old and soggy. But with a properly done ceramic coating, you ensure paint protection to a level that your car looks new for a whole lifetime. 

Protection against chemical stains: With the pollution rising around the world, the acidity of the environment has become a major concern for car owners as it leaves chemical stains on the car surface. But fortunately, it can be easily combated by the application of ceramic car coating on the vehicle to form a protective layer against the acidic components that are in the atmosphere due to pollution. 

Easy Cleaning: Ceramic car coatings are also famous for making car surfaces ultra hydrophobic. Factors like humidity, dirt, etc, that annoyingly stick to the surface of cars become unimportant issues and cleaning the surface of the car also becomes easier than ever! 

Impressive Gloss: Car owners generally love the glossy aesthetics of their cars. The glossiness is a testimony to the newness of the car. However environmental factors like weather, especially if it is as unreliable as it is in Melbourne, acidic components in the atmosphere and dirt along with other factors like scratches take the glossiness away and make the colour look faded too. 

But with a ceramic coating on the vehicle, all these issues are eradicated and a gloss is retained for almost a lifetime.

Why Choose Glossworks for Car Ceramic Coating?

A badly done car ceramic coating does more damage than good. The ideal coating needs to be very thin film-like and should be done very patiently. Thus, it is absolutely important to find a company that has a separate team of specialist hands that can handle the coating work well.

Glossworks is one such company as we have a separate team of car coating specialists that have been handling ceramic coating work for years and know the process inside out. With proficiency in coat application manually and extensive knowledge about coating and paint protection technology, our team is among the toughest competitions in Melbourne. Hence, choosing Glossworks for your car ceramic coating can be the greatest decision that you will ever make.

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