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Looking for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Melbourne? Have a gutter rash on your wheels? Or do you want to change the look of your ride?! Maybe it’s time you hit us up so we can re-paint your wheels! We cover everything from gutter rash & scratches, to a general colour change. Our paint system allows us to repaint your wheels in absolutely any colour! Clear over base & Direct Gloss applications available to achieve the ultimate finish!

Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your vehicle! Changing the colour can completely change the look of your vehicle to make it stand out from the crowd. We have an amazing range of colours & paint system which allows us to mix absolutely any colour you desire! we can even colour code parts of your wheel!

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Some Examples Of Our Work

The main problem with wheels nowadays is that they are so easy to gutter rash! it happens very often, although mistakes do happen, it is not a mistake that our prices are very affordable! Contact us today for a price on how to fix that gutter rash and get your wheels looking new again!

We have a very fast turn over in our services due to the state of the art equipment we have. We repaint your wheels within 1-2 working days, depending on the condition and finish.

We cater for absolutely all makes and models. our wheel refinishing starts at just 500 for the set!

To give you a few ideas, a few popular colours we have available are

  • Gloss Black
  • Course Silver
  • Light Silver
  • White
  • Shadow Chrome
  • Gold

We have multiple images of vehicles we have done in our gallery and Facebook / Instagram page so feel free to check it out.

Wheel Painting Melbourne

Most people are blissfully unaware of the twin aspects of wheel painting and wheel finishes and just how important it is to the car as a whole. Plus, if one has the added option and advantage of custom painting and custom finishes, rest assured that we at Glossworks have each and every vital aspect completely sorted out for you from the get-go. This is with specific regard to wheel painting in Melbourne. Unlike a lot of other such services in the market, we understand completely that not everyone has the same likes or wants to follow the same trends.

Things have changed greatly for the better, compared to a decade ago when a few bunch of people would find the idea of a custom wheel paint finish to be appealing. With some of the brightest and most hardworking bunch of individuals in the automotive industry and immense years of experience by their side, we are all set to recommend the best option to you and make it a reality in every way possible. The moment you contact our team, they will certainly see to it that all of your needs are attended to, including the aspect of wheel repair in Melbourne as well.

Why Choose Glossworks Wheel Repair Painting Services?

One of the first questions that probably comes to mind is “What makes us stand out from the rest of our peers in the market out there?” There are many reasons, but the singular overall one is the fact that we take the aspect of customer satisfaction very seriously. Regardless of the kind of clients that visit us, each and every single case is thoroughly examined and given the necessary time that is needed to see things through right till the very end. In the event that extra time and effort is needed to get the job done, you can be absolutely sure of the fact that each and every single team member is more than up to the job, be it the need for alloy wheel repair in Melbourne or wheel repair in Melbourne.

Plus, as enough of our testimonials and reviews will tell you, we have always stuck to a time period, be in any kind of job and consistently delivered quality services and results time and again. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to call us at the very earliest and we will sort everything out for you in no time at all.


Yes, alloy wheels are worth repairing. If your alloy wheels have started to corrode, we would advise you to get them refurbished. Reasons? Multiple. One, it prevents corrosion from slowly eating into the alloy. Two, the alloy wheel repair process gives your wheels an exceptional finish. Three, it provides your car with the structural fidelity needed for the safety of your vehicle. For affordable alloy wheel repair Melbourne, get in touch with our repair technicians today and get your wheels back looking as good as new.

Never make fixing a badly damaged alloy wheel a DIY task. Always contact experts of wheel repair in Melbourne who can fix the wheels and get your vehicle up and running. At Glosswork, we boast a team of alloy wheels repair technicians who offer quality alloy wheel repairs at affordable rates. Be it rim repair or alloy wheel repair, we can do it call. Contact now to know more.

Yes, painting alloy wheels is a good idea. Painting the wheels not only makes your car look new and shiny, but it also improves the performance of the wheel. By offering your alloy wheels protection against dirt, grime, chemicals, etc., it can extend the lifespan of alloy wheels. However, it should only be done by a professional. Because if you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up damaging the wheels.

Based on the make and model of your car, technicians at Glossworks can advise what’s the best paint for your rims. Get in touch with us now to discuss your alloy wheel refurbishment requirements.


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Shady Amro
Shady Amro
Absolutely disgusting service. Promises the world but won't not deliver. Doesn't even deserve 1 star.. Thanos disgusting customer service and business. That's not how to deal with customers 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤔
Bree Harvey
Bree Harvey
I went to glossworks with 2 smashed headlights 2 days before the long weekend. they went above and beyond to make sure i had my car back before the weekend as I had a bunch of running around to do! I dealt with thanos & nick and they were amazing! Thank you so much guys I’ll be recommending you to all of my friends! Happy Easter 🐣
Jason Losanno
Jason Losanno
Awesome service. Got the brake calipers painted and some odd parts to match the car body colour and couldn't be happier. Priced exactly as quoted, very helpful and answered all questions thoroughly. Any more auto paint work and I'll be coming back for sure.
Meg Allan
Meg Allan
Did an amazing job fixing multiple dents and scratches. Very well priced
Christopher O'neill
Christopher O'neill
You can't fault these guys. I have taken 4 cars to these guys for different work. tidying of paint work. Painting the roof on my Range Rover. Painting a couple of sets of wheels and some Paintless dent removal. They can do it all and their quality is second to none. I just got my Range Rover sport back today and dropped my wife's car off for some more colour coding and wheel painting. You can feel safe knowing your in good hands.
Tim Vann
Tim Vann
Nick and the team did a stellar job on repainting my tired Brembos on my 95’ R33 GTR. They even sorted out the rusty hubs in some matte black paint. Couldn’t be happier. Will be back for more work to be done in the future. Highly recommend Glossworks for anyone that cares about their motor vehicles, as they will give them the attention they require.
Chris Romano
Chris Romano
Took my car in for a quote to fix 2 doors that I thought were scratched, and they were able to buff the marks right out. Happily did it all without charging. Very honest business and highly recommend.

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