Six Best Modern Upgrades That Gives Classic Car Restorations A New Life!

Posted March 26, 2022 by glossmin

Do you own a classic, vintage car? We are sure that it might be your companion to the weekend joy rides. A classic or vintage car has a lot of charm, persona, and character yet lacks many modern cars’ features. For instance, no power steering, mechanical engine fans, drum brakes! Some even lack air conditioning! With GlossWorks, you can give your vintage beauty a modern facelift. Are you excited to know more? Below is a list of upgrades that will give your vintage car a contemporary upgrade without losing its character and originality.

1. Air Conditioning Upgrade

: Many vintage cars lack air conditioning. Some classic cars may have an air conditioner, but do you think it will function efficiently? Do not forget, we are focusing on comfortable driving, and an AC can do wonders here! Installing an AC or switching to something new will keep you cool and give your engine a welcome break.

2. Engine Swap Or Replacement

: How old is your car? Isn’t it challenging for an old engine to work effectively and meet the needs of the modern day? It is essential to replace the old engine with a new one. As experts in the car world, we focus on replacements and rebuilding rather than repairs because some vintage parts may not be available in the market anymore. Swap with a modern engine today so that you don’t have to bear unnecessary expenses later!

3. Upgrading To Power Steering:

If you know what it feels like driving without a power steering, you know what challenges it can get. Upgrading to power steering is definitely a safe and smart option that enhances your car’s performance. And guess what? It saves fuel consumption as well.

4. Electrical Systems Upgrade:

Any car has multiple electrical systems. It could be anything ranging from the battery, ignition, fans, and so on. Many classic cars lack on this spectrum. The old systems need to be swapped by modern ones to ensure that car driving becomes smooth and easy.

5. Reworking On Car Body:

Do you have a classic car, or have you recently bought one? We are sure it has a few dents and scratches. Get your car to GlossWorks! Our panel beaters in Melbourne will beat your car body to make it free from all the dents that have occurred over the years. Our repair centre can transform your old car into a shining one at affordable rates. But certainly not at the cost of quality! Our top-notch panel beating services will provide your car with a sleek look.

6. Repaint It:

Bored of driving the same old car? With new features, you can get a new look too! Paint your car with your preferred colour and enjoy the drive your way. Be it matte, glossy or metallic, we can paint it as per your vision. You can also top up with a car ceramic coating which will bond with the colour to form a shield. We undertake repainting projects accompanied by our services of ceramic coating that will ensure your car looks the best!

Modern upgrades depend upon your taste. You can even upgrade tyres, change seats, and so on. How about making it convertible? If performance is your cup of tea, you can add turbos, exhaust systems, and superchargers. The list can be endless. Come to us; we can help you suggest the best modern upgrades for your vintage car. And always remember, we offer a lifetime warranty for our work.

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