Not Satisfied With Your Collision Repair Results? Carry Out These Steps!

Posted February 15, 2022 by glossmin

A vehicle collision or an accident is a traumatic situation for everyone. You don’t just lose the wellbeing of your vehicle and a lot of money, but even your life is at risk. And who knows you may even suffer lots of injuries. Obviously, your vehicle was taken to the nearest service centre through an insurance agent or by yourself for repair immediately (just as you or the other people in the car were rushed to the hospital). And thankfully, both of you got treated on time!

What to do if you are unsatisfied with your post collision repair job?

Most of the time you don’t get any reason to complain post the collision repair job if you are opting for an excellent service provider like Glossworks in Melbourne having collision repair centre to treat your vehicle accurately. Their impressive experience along with talented staff ensure that your entire vehicle is surveyed in detail and then tackled accordingly. But in case you aren’t hiring a competent team, then obviously you will face some issues. Time to solve the issues now – follow these methods without any more delay.

Inspect the car in detail — The very first thing to do before you conclude that your car isn’t serviced properly is to inspect the vehicle in detail. Ensure that you are observing each and every part of the vehicle — from the engine to the brakes to accelerator and even the car wrap in Melbourne. Do note down all the sections that you find problems in or better click some photographs if you have insurance.

Discuss the issue with the managers — If you are dissatisfied with the tyre job or the new painting done on the car or with the replaced engine parts, do call the workshop manager where your car was serviced. It is better to discuss the matter and see if they can redo the job before you take the problem to the higher authorities. This saves time and efforts for both the parties!

Request a post repair inspection by the workshop — Most of the car workshops have this rule of carrying out a post repair inspection before handing over the vehicle to the owner. But since in your case you are finding so many problems, then obviously the inspection wasn’t done at the first place or it wasn’t proper. In both the cases, you are at a loss. So, what you can do is request the workshop owner to carry out this inspection once again so that even the team knows about the issues that you are facing in the vehicle.

Let your insurance company know of the problem — Well, you claimed an insurance to repair your vehicle and they handed over your car to this workshop. But since you didn’t get the desired results, then naturally your claim is incomplete. You should immediately call the insurance company for help to look into this matter with all the proof so that they can get the job redone for you.

Most of the time, after carrying out all these steps the issue is solved. But if you are still finding it difficult to get your vehicle back in its intact condition post the collision, then don’t hesitate in filing a complaint in the police station! It’s your right after all! You just can’t stay quiet after getting such unsatisfactory services. Also, don’t forget to write a negative review about the workshop and insurance company on their websites as well so that others know that they can’t trust these companies completely.

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