Maintenance of your Car coatings – Follow these 4 Tips

Posted August 29, 2022 by glossmin

Talk about car paint protection, and the mention of ceramic coatings is a must. They are a blessing for any serious car enthusiast. The ceramic coating on the car makes it look aesthetically appealing. Besides, it goes a long way in maintaining your car and protecting it in the future. You can get in touch with any Melbourne collision repair centre and inquire whether they offer ceramic coating on the car or not. 

After getting it done, it becomes integral to protect and maintain the polish in the long run. Routine maintenance with a ceramic car coating is not as easy as it seems. Some ceramic car paint protection Melbourne options require an annual inspection by the auto salon that installed it originally. Warranties do not back others. 

If your car is painted with a ceramic coating, follow the below-listed tips to protect it.

Avoid Automated Car Wash

The quickest way to ruin any ceramic-coated vehicle on your car is to take one of those drive-through car washes, especially if they have curtain-looking mop-type cleaning rags or brushes. 

Such car washes can wreck the ceramic coatings from your car in a matter of a few seconds. They use pH-aggressive products, which are similar to an industrial detergent. Those washing media materials are built for longevity and do not offer gentle cleaning.

Use a pH Neutral Car Shampoo

Ceramic-pro products will harden to the strength of quartz. A glass coating also blocks UV rays, similar to paint protection film. Some spray coating products are not capable of strength, but once they harden, they leave a flat or hydrophobic surface. 

We, therefore, advise you to use a pH-neutral car shampoo to clean the surface of the car. Choose a shampoo that doesn’t contain any added wax as wax may leave a residue on the top of the coating, resulting in debris and making your car look dirtier.

Wash your Car in Low-Light Hours

Do not plan a car wash during the daytime. Instead, use low sunlight conditions in washing and shampooing your car. Pick the times, such as an early day, cloudy day in the morning, or close to sunset.  

After washing the car, it is essential to dry it properly so that no water spots or streaks remain on the surface of the car and your vehicle looks beautiful and shiny as ever.

Use Clean Media

When you wash, dry, or apply any product on your ceramic-coated vehicle, avoid cross-contamination with other cleaning supplies. 

If you use a microfiber towel or any other equipment while cleaning your car, ensure they are clean and don’t contain contaminants. 


Paying attention to little things while caring for your car would help you maintain the vehicle in the long run. Making a proactive and smart decision to ceramic coat your car takes time, research, and investment of your money. Ensure to choose the right service to get the ceramic coat painted and take care of your car to keep the paint shiny and glowing.

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