Know the Possibilities for You and Your Vehicle After a Car Accident

Posted February 4, 2022 by glossmin

After a sudden car crash or collision do you know where you stand now? We hope that you are aware of the fact that you have to be at the scene until the police arrive and the formalities are over. Remember, don’t run away from the scene because this might land you in big trouble. Next, try to exchange numbers by coaxing the other party and keep some information handy about them as well. You should also call for medical help immediately if somebody is injured. If not, then stay on the spot and know your possibilities after this incident.

What are the options you have after your car faces an accident?

Most of the car owners are often at a loss because they don’t know what options they have in front of them after they face a car accident. Yes, they are connected to the panel beaters in Melbourne like Gloss Works who do a fantastic job of repairing their car instantly and making it almost new again. But the matter here is to know about what other possibilities this car owner or you have after this situation. So, read about them below:

You can choose the auto body shop for your car repair – If you are not satisfied with the panel beaters or auto body shop that your insurance company provides you for the repair of your vehicle, fine! You have the power to select the repairers of your choice for your vehicle. The insurance company has to agree with you and provide you with the same services as they would have given for the panel beaters of their choice.

You can fix the vehicle as you like – Along with basic repair that is urgently required for the vehicle, if you desire to go for some beautifying service or another option to renew your vehicle like before, the insurance company allows you to do so. Like, if you opt for a car wrap in Melbourne rather than painting it like before, you have the freedom to do so.

You can keep the money or repair the car – Once the insurance claim is approved, if you don’t wish to repair a car, you can even keep the money with you. The company is not liable to demand any explanations for the decision of yours after your vehicle is proved to be damaged in an accident.

You can sell or keep the vehicle – Another important matter that you still might not be aware of is that once you repair the vehicle, if you don’t want to keep it for any reason; you are free to even sell it. Just keep the proof handy that it was repaired under the plan provided by the company and is in fine condition when you sell it.

So, now you know that you are not bound by any kind of restrictions even though your car has faced a drastic accident. You have the freedom to make any decision about your car as you like. We hope you’ll take advantage of this information and think of your benefits after such an incident.

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