Immediate Actions after a Car Collision!

Posted February 15, 2022 by glossmin

Normally you treat your car like a toddler and are overprotective about this baby of yours. And when something hazardous happens to your car, it’s almost a deadly situation for you too. (Literally, if you are driving or occupying the car.) Like, if it’s a collision with any other vehicle. No doubt the situation will be very serious. But, it’s important to maintain your calm and carry out some very important tasks after such accidents happen.

The important things to do right after the accident!

You usually get a guide about how to prevent an accident or collision. But it is really rare to find an exact and practical guide on the steps to take immediately after such an accident. The situation at this time is really serious and you require your presence of mind. It may help if you had a bulleted guideline about what to do immediately after an accident.

Check for the casualties — Obviously, before the car, comes the human life. It’s very essential to confirm that everyone occupying the car is fit and fine. If there are any casualties, don’t delay in calling for medical help and get them treated immediately. And if not, then it’s alright to consider the vehicle and other legal matters first.

Report the incident to the police — The next very important step to take after an accident or a collision is to call the police and let them know about this incident. Provide the exact details to them and let them note these for the records. If you think that the driver in the opposite vehicle is to be blamed, don’t let that driver go away until the police arrive. And if the person is rushing, don’t forget to click the picture of the car and note down the number of the vehicle.

Call for the towing of the vehicle —If your vehicle is severely damaged, then it is better to call for towing the vehicle and take it to your property or the next destination (repairers, maybe?). Later on you can go for claiming the damages for the same.

Call the insurance agents — Now the next step involves calling your insurance agents to check the vehicle and report the claim for the same. If you are not at fault, then your insurance company would certainly help you by paying for the damages, dents, scratches, and all the losses that happened in the vehicle by collaborating with the companies providing smash repairs in Melbourne. Get all the proofs required for the same like pictures of the damaged car, the police report, etc. All these proofs will help you get the insurance faster and in the smoothest way from the insurance company.

Go for smash repairing the car —You just can’t keep the car unattended post the accident. You definitely want your favourite vehicle to start working like before again. And the best way to let it get back to normal is by contacting the panel beaters in Melbourne like Glossworks. They excel in all kinds of repair and renovation work on your car and promise to give it a new life. But when you are hiring these panel beaters, remember that they should be experienced, have a proper training of repairing the cars and are certified by the government. Some of the best panel beaters also tend to connect with your insurance companies and you don’t have to pay them for the repair work, the insurance companies look into the matter. Additionally, ensure that they do provide a pick and drop service of the vehicle from the accident spot to your destination.

These actions are to be taken immediately just after you face a big collision or an accident involving your car. But, if you think that your car is not at all in the repairable state, you give them to the auto wreckers, or you can simply submit it to the insurance company and claim your total vehicle

insurance. The damage is no doubt way beyond the physical damage that happened to your vehicle. But making practical decisions during this time would be beneficial in the long run.

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