Electric Vehicles & Smash Repairs – All You Need To Know

Posted April 27, 2022 by glossmin

The electric vehicle market in Australia has been greater than ever before because of the various environmental benefits they offer. However, you might be wondering – how do smash repairs or panel beaters work with electric vehicles? 

Well, you’d be amazed to know that the exciting new possibilities of smash repairs, due to advancements in technology, have been greater than ever before. Such is the reason why smash repairs for an electric vehicle have become closely similar to traditional vehicles. 

The Differences Between Smash Repairs Of Traditional Vs Electric Vehicles

According to a reliable company for smash repairs in Moorabbin, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that vehicle owners have always been an adopter of newer technologies. And in this case, EVs or electric vehicles are no different. At some point in time, EV owners will want to perform smash repairs. 

Thus, smash repair companies must ensure that they have the proper skills and technologies to satisfy EV owners just as much as traditional vehicle owners. Such is the reason why smash repair companies are always upscaling their skills & technologies to meet the demands of the market. 

It should be known that even though EVs are easy to maintain over time because they have fewer moving parts than a traditional vehicle, they also come with special challenges when trying to perform smash repairs. 

For instance, when it comes to dent removal, it’s a common requirement for most traditional vehicles. The dent formation can be due to various reasons such as collisions or accidents. A panel beater will evaluate whether the dent should be fixed using traditional methods or via dent pulling (alternatively known as paintless dent repairs). Dent pulling is quicker & must more cost-effective process than any other procedure. 

But, when it comes to dent removal on EVs, the bodywork can be difficult to repair. This is because EVs are made from lighter materials to offset the weight of the lithium-ion batteries that they carry. Hence, the battery inside an EV can be 200 kilograms heavier than a battery inside a traditional fuel-run vehicle. Thus, the process of paintless dent repairs in EVs can prove to be more complex than in traditional vehicles. 

Reasons Why Smash Repairs In EVs Are More Complex Than Traditional Vehicles

1. For Safety Precautions

Since EVs are packed with lithium-ion batteries that are extremely high in cost and need to be handled delicately, the process of dent repairs in EVs becomes more challenging. As a result, the panel beater or smash repair company that you’ll be choosing should have the necessary skills to handle EV fuel cells properly. 

In some cases, the battery needs to be disconnected or removed from the vehicle, otherwise, the battery can get damaged or overheated, thereby reducing the battery’s lifespan. Thus, it makes sense to take enough time for EV smash repairs. 

2. For Lightweight Material Usage

When it comes to Porsche smash repairs, the primary difference that exists between EVs and traditional vehicles is that – EVs are made from lightweight materials. An EV can weigh 200 kilograms more than a traditional vehicle. And that’s why smash repairs in EVs take time and precision to be completed because lightweight materials can be easily damaged if not handled properly. 

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