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Posted November 27, 2023 by glossmin

One may love their car and consider it an investment, but the ugly truth is that a four-wheeler’s value hardly goes up. Hence, maintenance is unavoidable to cherish your favourite purchase or piece of luxury. There is no need to drown in worries as some easy car care tips ensure you keep driving hassle-free or trade it in at the best price.

1. Follow the Logbook

Reputable repair companies tend to provide a logbook listing all the past repairs or modifications and give the next date for a routine check. If a car owner follows the book diligently, the vehicle should be in good shape with no or minimum major problems demanding costly repairs.

One need not have exhaustive knowledge of the mechanics or parts of the automobile to follow scheduled maintenance. Leave tasks like wheel repair to a trusted car repairer company. It has a team of trained professionals and experts who know the best!

Mistake: Don’t only pay attention to your four-wheeler when you sense a costly repair. Just like an overworking human falls sick after tremendous exertion, a car, too, shows signs of damage when roughly handled over long periods.

2. Regularly Wash Your Car

The easiest and most economical way to ensure your car’s functionality is to wash it regularly. When you do that, the car’s visibility for a driver and exterior and interior detailing are protected and in the best shape. It’s safest to invest in a professional car washer to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Mistake: Don’t soak your cloth or sponge in the same bucket of water mixed with soap to clean the entire vehicle. The dirty cleaning wipes can transfer soot or debris and scratch or stain the paintwork. You may be proud of your DIY jobs, but it’s recommended that you hire a professional to wash the car.

3. Check Car Tyres

Did you know that over-inflated or deflated tyres can land you in trouble with excessive oil consumption when on a road trip? Faulty tyre balance is hazardous as it can lead to problematic vehicle handling. A car care routine by a well-known company handles smash repairs of vehicles with improper engine or wheel components and prevents punctures, damaged threads, piston rings, etc.

Mistake: Don’t use a set of tyres over six years old and blindly rely on your car’s tyre pressure monitoring system.

4. Check your vehicle’s lights

An essential part of car maintenance is to check that all your vehicle’s lights are functioning as they should. It’s a safety requirement for everybody on the road.

Mistake: Although not apparent, don’t miss out on checking the indicator, reversing and fog lights.


The above points are some of the most important to ensure your car’s longevity. Hire a team of experts for the best results after maintenance. It will help keep your vehicle in top shape and increase its longevity significantly.

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