Car Maintenance Tips That Can Save Your Money

Posted May 3, 2023 by glossmin

The task of maintaining your car isn’t exactly the most exciting thing listed on your to-do list. However, it is totally worth it to give your car a little amount of routine care (and money) for both your safety and savings.

It’s a known fact that services like smash repairs can sometimes cost a fortune. However, maintaining your ride can help you cut down on additional costs and ensure your ride lasts longer with a better performance.

Read on to explore the top car maintenance tips that can keep your car in good working condition and delay the need to purchase a new car as long as possible.

Keep Tabs On The Spare Tyre

Both four tyres and the spare tyre must always be inflated. As you pull out the jack out of your trunk, the last thing you want is to find out that your spare tyre is flat. Spending some bucks at the air pump to fill up your spare tyre once every few months is preferable to shelling out thousands of bucks for a tow truck when you really need one.

Pro Tip: Check the pressure on both your spare tyres and main tyres every once a month. In face, you can also go for maintenance services like paint protection Melbourne to ensure your car looks and runs good.

Regular Oil Changing

Ever wondered how much it can actually cost you if you choose to avoid an oil change altogether? We say it’s a lot. Since oil impacts almost everything your car does, oil problems can be among the most expensive car maintenance concerns to solve. This is why it’s best to get your oil changed frequently.

Through frequent oil changes, you can reduce the likelihood of wearing out your engine.

Pro Tip: According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, it is recommended to get an oil change for every 5,000 miles.

Keeping The Battery Clean

Corrosion can be pretty common on your battery’s terminals. And, if you don’t maintain them right, the battery can break or stop working altogether, leaving you stranded. And we all know how expensive an automobile battery can be.

However, unlike the cost of buying a new battery, simple actions like swiping a brush through these terminals can save you from this massive expense.

Pro Tip: It’s best to check your battery for corrosion at least two times a year.

Replacing The Brake Pads

Do you hear a weird squeaking sound when you hit the brakes? If yes, it’s probably because your brake pads might be beyond repair. And, axel replacements can be pretty expensive. So, it’s best to maintain a functional brake system to avoid getting such massive receipts hitting your bank account.

Pro Tip: Always ensure that the brake fluid is not black. However, if you notice any black fluid, go for an oil change.

Checking Your Coolant

You run the risk of severe corrosion within your car if you don’t keep up with the coolant changes, which can be both- gross and expensive. From the heater and air conditioner to the radiator and water pumps, the coolant has an impact on everything. You don’t want to miss the maintenance on something that has such a significant impact on the overall health of your car.

Pro Tip: Check your coolant twice a year, once before the warm weather arrives and once before the cold weather arrives.

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