3 Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Shine After Ceramic Coating

Posted October 27, 2022 by glossmin

Cars and motorcycles have always been a luxury that everyone treasures. Despite being a mode of transportation, luxury finds its way from within. Taking care of your vehicle is so important for its appearance as well as functionality and this is the reason many enthusiasts go overboard and get a ceramic coating to protect their cars and vehicles and make them appear appealing.

However, there still remain some basic guidelines and necessities that one must take care of for the protection of the ceramic coating itself. Here are 4 tips mentioned to protect your car’s shine after ceramic coating.

1. Wash Your Vehicle Properly on a Daily Basis

One misconception that people hold after having a protection film or a ceramic voting on the vehicle is that they do not need to wash their vehicles regularly. This is absolutely wrong because even after having ceramic coating done for the proper maintenance of the exterior of your vehicle it is necessary to frequently wash your car on a regular basis.

A very popular 2 bucket method is used for car washing in which all you need is 2 buckets, one for car wash soap or a cleaning solution and the other for pure water. Start washing the panel with the car wash brush and rinse it with clean water before putting it in the cleaning solution. Car washing can be made easy by following this simple step. 

2. Prevent Washing Your Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

Do not wash your car in direct sunlight or immediately after the car coating when the paint is hot because water will evaporate very quickly and affect the heat to exhilarate the car wash solution quickly reducing the shine of your vehicle.

3. Use an Appropriate Washing Brush

Using the appropriate car washing brush is another essential part to remember. There are a number of options available in the market such as microfiber mitts or synthetic fibers, choosing any type or opting the cheapest option can prove damaging to your car’s exterior surface and hence, always pick the one consulting with an expert that suits your car paint while maintaining its shine.

Considering Ceramic Coating? Choose the Experts with Glossworks

Ceramic coating is an intelligent solution to protect the surface of your car and keep it shiny and glossy for as long as possible. Are you considering getting a car ceramic coating in Melbourne? Look no further than Glossworks Auto Body. 

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Giving your luxury to an unprofessional and unskilled hand might be the biggest fear when considering car ceramic coating but you don’t have to worry about that with Glossworks. The qualified painters at Glossworks use the latest microtechnology for ceramic car coating which is trusted by a number of people making their services top-class in Melbourne.

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