As the owner of the vehicle, you have the right to choose where your vehicle goes for repairs when you have a car accident, no one can interfere with that. Why you should not use your insurance company’s “Preferred Repairer” & how we can help next time you make a claim!

Insurance Company’s put contracts with their preferred repair shops in order to get the vehicles repaired as cheap as possible & as quick as possible leaving the customer with a poor quality repair and even putting their safety at risk! Most customers can’t see what repairs have been performed on their vehicle as they are never really told or shown, or know what they’re looking at!

Preferred shops are expected to discount parts, labour, paint quality and other necessary materials in order to cut down costs! this leaves poorly repaired vehicles and putting your safety at risk, and the problem is most of the time they get away with it!

Here at glossworks we ensure an OEM factory repair & finish, and we will tell you the exact repair procedure we use to repair your vehicle in which ensures an amazing finish and makes a safe vehicle for you & your family! We also only use well trusted and quality paints, materials and OEM parts!

Insurance companies use their specific tactics to persuade you to use their recommended repairers. The things you hear from the claims officer are extremely misleading and false. The problem is no customer will ever look into this as you expect the insurance company to look after you considering you pay them top dollar! well its surprising what you find in their shops.

Here are 5 excuses/misleading statements insurance companies will use when you want your vehicle repaired by someone who isn’t a “preferred partnered repairer” for when you have a car accident

  • “they are not one of our preferred shops so we can’t supply warranty on the repairs”
  • “if you use that shop we can’t get someone out straight away to look at your vehicle, but if you use our shop we can straight away”
  • “we have a hard time dealing with that shop”
  • “claims take longer to settle at that shop”
  • “we can’t supply a hire car if you go to that shop”

These are an example of the gimmicks insurance company’s use to try and persuade you to use their recommended shops, all these statements they make are false as:

They can’t supply warranty on their work when their consumables are NOT made to last Most of the time the assessment is outsourced to an external company so they usually make the call of when they can see the vehicle, they usually run out of patience when we call them twice a day until they come out. In conclusion this is usually an attempt to scare their customer thinking they will go without a vehicle for a long time

Of course they have a hard time dealing with us, our estimate are a lot more expensive if not double compared to their shops estimate! we argue safety and repair procedures till its approved, repairs usually get approved straight away once we have evidence supplied, we also have a litigation team which handles these matters for us if required, they can’t argue with safety! Claim settling time really does not matter, as we settle it after we have given the customer their vehicle back! we do all the work after. No need to worry we outsource our hire cars to well experienced and trusted companies that give us vehicles not only for “2 weeks” but until repairs are fully complete!

This article is written to protect you as a customer, and to make a wiser decision next time you lodged a claim! we have done countless re-work for poor quality work that has come from these shops and not only are we trying to prevent it, but we want to ensure you a hassle free experience when you see the team at glossworks next time you have lodged a claim!

We offer a large variety of Paint/Panel Beater work including:

We also assist in various other services that may not be listed above.

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