Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne

Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne is the best way to transform the look of your ride by getting your calipers refinished! Add some tuff to your vehicle by getting your callipers repainted! we repaint all the callipers on our vehicles as it gives it a much better look!

High end vehicles have callipers that stand out, and we can replicate them no worries!

Some Examples Of Our Work

Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne 2131312321
Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne 21313123qweqeq21
Brake Caliper Painting Melbourne 213qwewqeqweq1312321

We have a paint system and allows us to mix absolutely any colour that suits you and your vehicle! all stickers are available for purchase,

The way we do it is

  1. Basecoat the calipers
  2. Apply the sticker
  3. Clear coat it

this allows for a very durable finish! We also only use high end paints and materials, and our technicians are the best in the industry witch allows us to achieve an outstanding finish!

We also have state of the art equipment which allows a very fast turn over in just 1-2 business days!

caliper refinishing starts at just $400!

stickers are available for all makes and models

some popular ones available such as 
and a lot more!

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