Guard Rolling

Guard Rolling is the solution to fix when the tyres on your car are rubbing on the guards. We provide Guard Rolling services at our clayton office, we also provide a Mobile Guard Rolling Melbourne service. 

Guard rolling is useful for when your car has been lowered, or you are thinking about changing wheels, or simply just because your tyres are rubbing. Sometimes people do this just as a precaution, however getting this done is a great way to ensure your tyres wont rub on your guards. 

It’s important you roll your guards. Clearance can become a problem, which leads to body and paint damage and premature tyre wear. We roll the inner guards to create maximum clearance as a preventive measure. Our team is experienced and have been providing these services for many years.

Please enquire about Guard Flaring/pumping. Guard flaring/pumping is the next stage to guard rolling for when wheels are wider than the body of the car and when Guard Rolling hasn’t created enough space for the wheels to fit without rubbing.

These services take approximately 2 hours to complete. You can wait in our friendly waiting room, or leave the vehicle with us and we’ll call you once completed so you can pick it up.

Guard Rolling / pumping will be an additional cost


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